In attendance: Rachel, Kevin, Lizzie, Jen, Joleen, Rose, Ryan, Nathan, Eesh, Jake, Chrissy, Katie, Gabi, Kevin, Laura


Absent: None

  • Things reps are responsible for:
    1. Student Center
      1. Only regular cleaning is the carpet cleaning right before the open house. No one does dishes, no one wipes the counters, etc. Reps are in charge of that.
      2. Get photos from all students
    2. Fund student ideas
    3. Courier
      1. Would be good to have an official one
    4. Buffins
      1. Takes up a lot of time, not complicated but you need to drive to cape cod bagel, make sure there is enough of everything (spreads). Need to coordinate with Marilyn, watch the timing to avoid the school bus. Works well if you have helpers to have as a backup when you are away or can’t do buffins.
    5. Events
      1. Strategy: have people help
      2. Welcome BBQ
      3. Winter Meeting
      4. Winter retreat- Happens in February, need to contact the guy in November or before then. Do it on a day/weekend that works for you. Lots of people had ideas about how to do it differently next year. Notes on this on the drive
      5. Social hour (once per month ish). Buy food with the MIT credit card, make sure to not pay tax. Peer beverages - make sure people pay you! You might be out money at the end, but we will figure it out. Would be good to do one soon to greet everyone
      6. Open House. Jake and Eesh wrote up a google doc of guidance and created a folder to use for next year. Mostly organizing students to be in the right place. Don’t do it alone, good to have people at both MIT and WHOI, make sure you have an engineering person involved because it is different
    6. On call housing at MIT
      1. Email gets sent directly to the people in charge at the desk
      2. Might be good to readdress how that works with everyone, so they know
      3. There is a calendar
    7. GSC rep
      1. Doesn’t have to be a rep, but it makes sense for it to be
      2. Meetings are once a month
      3. Have a meeting room at MIT that no one has been at
  • Officers:
    1. President
      1. Schedule meetings (use a Doodle poll)
      2. Run the meeting and keep track of time
    2. Treasurer
      1. Keep good records, Chase down receipts, decide which events to fund or how much to give them
      2. Kris Kipp is very helpful
      3. Good for the Treasurer to be someone who goes back and forth
    3. Secretary
      1. Take notes at all meetings
      2. In theory should send the notes out to everyone after (but we didn’t do that)
  • Money
    1. Allowed: social events, supplies, professional development
    2. Money restrictions:
      1. Spots for events need to be allotted by a fair lottery, not just to a group of friends or a small part of a department
      2. Can’t be used for gambling, prizes, etc.
    3. Can be more generous than we were, because not that many people submit social events
    4. Keep an excel spreadsheet and compare that to the card statement at the end of the month
    5. Good to keep track of what types of events are getting funded for later requests
    6. Pay overhead on APO money, so we have not been using that this year
    7. Get $10,000 from the Office of Graduate Education every year
      1. Currently working on a request for a budget renewal
  • General tips:
    1. Education assembly meeting on Thursday, 2pm, Clark 507, 10/19. Good to have at least one person even show up to show that we care.
    2. Don’t forget that Kris, Lea, and Julia are all on the emails, which is very helpful and they are knowledgeable, but don’t bug them too much.
    3. JP Reps email - someone will change it over
    4. Required to show up to an ASA meeting that is annoying but necessary- There is one next week! Chrissy will send out info about it
    5. Steinbach- Start early, should have the speaker confirmed in early spring
    6. Always think about when the buses are going to be here, so that you can include people from both campuses
    7. The student who submitted a money request gets CCEd on the automatic email, and so does Meghan Jones. Make sure to take them off the email so that it is less awkward